Newport has a new electric charge point thanks to us

Jamie Davies, Renault Sales Executive at Wessex Garages at Newport Retail Park, charging a Renault ZOE.

Jamie Davies, Renault Sales Executive at Wessex Garages at Newport Retail Park, charging a Renault ZOE.


We are pleased to announce that we have recently installed a standard electric vehicle charger, which has been fitted and supplied by British Gas, at our new Renault dealership at Newport Retail Park.

The new electric charge point will enhance the M4 corridor for electric charging and make life easier for people in South Wales who choose an electric vehicle.

We’re advocates of electric vehicles and as a company we are keen to push the many advantages of using them to our customers. With this in mind it is vital that we also supply electric charge points for our customers so that when they visit us they can charge their vehicle too.

We installed a Kia electric vehicle charging point at our Kia dealership at Newport Retail Park about six months ago and the Renault charging point was recently installed so there are now two electric charging points at our Newport Retail Park location for our customers to use for free.

Our new Renault dealership will stock the brand’s full range of electric vehicles, including the Renault ZOE, Twizy and Kangoo Z.E.

The charging time using the standard electric charger will depend on the cable the customer has with the electric vehicle. The Renault ZOE could take anything from six to 11 hours to fully charge an empty battery.

Electric vehicles have grown in popularity as more people and businesses find them to be a viable option. Electricity is cheaper to run on a per-mile basis than petrol and as all-electric vehicles have less moving parts than their petrol or diesel counterparts they will need less frequent servicing too.

We would like to invite people from Newport to visit our new Renault dealership and find out more about the many advantages of changing to an electric mode of transport.”

The Renault ZOE can be charged in a number of ways. The first charging method is through a home wall box. This is a 7 KW charger that can fully charge the ZOE in three to four hours. This is recommend where people should do the majority of their charging so that topping up the car can be effortlessly integrated into a daily routine.

The second way to charge is by using a public charging post, of which there are already more than 3,000 nationwide. These chargers range from 3KW – 22KW. This type is ideal for round trips, such as going to and from one destination.

The final way to charge a ZOE is through rapid charging. These appliances (43KW capacity) are placed systematically at key locations such as motorway service stations for long journeys and have the ability to charge the battery to 80% in just half an hour. With more than 100 rapid chargers installed nationwide already.

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